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About Us


Falls Creamery is the brainchild of two local guys: Vincent Cestone and Thomas Barone...but everyone knows them as Vinny and Tom. These two young Little Falls residents are both raising their families here in town and they both have a long family history and VERY deep roots in Little Falls. They began this project with a simple conversation about longing for a nostalgic place where they could bring their children and enjoy a great frozen treat in a cool environment...and Falls Creamery soon took shape.

We took a long time and made a careful decision to serve the very best ice cream we could source that was both delicious and conscientiously made. After a lot of consideration we settled on Gifford's out of Maine.

The Gifford's Story

Every Gifford's ice cream flavor is unique - and it's not just what's in it, but how it's made that makes the difference. From a small yellow clapboard factory in the rural town of Skowhegan, Maine, each flavor is made on a single production line. Gifford's is a small town success story. It all starts with the family recipes, created in part by great grandparents Chester and Fayolyn Main and passed down through the generations.

The Gifford's Team of ice cream makers crafts 90 percent of our flavors from scratch using the freshest ingredients and stem kettles. Gifford's uses a special blend of fresh milk and cream from local farmers delivered to the ice cream plant several times per week. This creamy base sets the stage for the creation of Gifford's Famous Ice Cream flavors. Once the flavors are blended in our mixing tanks, we begin the manufacturing process in our 1940's Cherry Burrells ice cream freezers. These antique machines slow churn each flavor to achieve maximum creaminess. The Cherry Burrells are an essential step inmaking Gifford's ice cream famous! After the slow churning process, we carefully fold special ingredients into each flavor - cookie dough, premium nuts, Maine wild blue berries from just up the road, and strawberries that have been thawed and sugared over tow-days. For up-to 8 hours the ice cream endures some of the coldest temperatures on earth! This magical step helps to produce a smoother, creamier ice cream. And, yes there are people at Gifford's wearing Parkas and hats in July - these ice cream makers are dedicated!

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